News and Events

As we go through the various stages of our study it is our goal to keep all the people who are involved updated with what we're currently doing and what we have been able to achieve. This page offers various bulletins on news, organizations we're partnered with as well as past and future events that our team has been involved with. 



The first phase of our study proved to be very successful. We received far more interest in the research than we had originally anticipated! Interviews were conducted in participants' homes, in focus groups with clinicians, and over the phone. Our study participants came from all over the country and we're currently working conducting the final interviews and analyzing all the information we've gathered! 


mALE breast cancer coalition

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition was founded by Cheri Ambrose and Bret Miller in 2013. Cheri connected with Peggy Miller, Bret's mother who is also administrator of the Bret Miller 1T foundation and together they shared their frustrations and desires to help others dealing with Male Breast Cancer. Their team has grown to be a family affair that consists of Bret's father who maintains the website, Bret's brother Blake, who designed the site as well as other members such as Lori Berlin who has been as asset with the social media aspect of the cause .  



The second phase of our study which is supposed to launch in 2018 will involve the development of various prototypes of the potential toolkit. The prototypes will be modeled according to how the participants in our interviews have envisioned it to look like. Some examples of things we're asking that will aid in production of the prototype include color choice, packaging and what should go inside the toolkit 


DAILY gazette feature

Prior to the kick off of recruiting participants for the Komen Study, our Principal Investigator Dr. Rachel Walker was featured on the Daily Gazette. In this article she talks about producing a survivorship toolkit that has three components; self assessment tools, support materials as well as tools to help monitor progress. Click below to read the rest of the article