We are close to building & testing our first prototypes!

The final product(s) will be a result of what we have interpreted from the information we've already gathered from the first phase of the project, as well as other suggestions from our community partners. No two breast cancer survivors' needs are quite the same, and we are always learning what works best for each individual!

In that spirit, we welcome suggestions from anyone who has a vision of what might be useful to include in a toolkit for breast cancer survivors (and co-survivors), and what that might look like. 

 Some examples of the specific areas that we are looking to get opinions on are:

  • PACKAGING (Should the word 'cancer' go it? What color(s) or image(s) would be most appropriate?)
  • DELIVERY STRATEGIES (Are you a smartphone user? Would you prefer something printed on paper? Would a website be helpful or should everything go in a box?)
  • CONTENT (What are the problems/challenges of survivorship you would like to see addressed? Better sleep? How to stay active? Where to go for advice about specific physical impairments such as lymphedema? Sexual side effect of therapy?) ***Please note, for a variety of reasons specific to the design of this study, prototypes will *not* contain specific suggestions for medications, and anything ingestible or that contains active ingredients (e.g. supplements, herbal remedies, special diets, medicated cremes, etc. --> though we welcome your ideas about what has been helpful!)***
  • TAILORING (Everyone is a bit different! How might you see a set of general resources tailored to better meet your needs? For example, would you like to see photos of people who look like you? Is there something specific to your identity, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, abilities, or other things about you that could make a toolkit like this feel more relevant?)


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